Welcome, parents and teachers, could this be the beginning …?

Hello and welcome. I’m glad you stopped by.
This is my personal blog and is focused on empowering and inspiring parents and teachers. It is also a public record of my quest to improve myself & the lives of others (and a legacy of my thoughts to leave my loved ones). In my heart, all I know is that if I can help even one person have a better life (you?) then it’s all worth it. Basically, I want to help you and your kids THRIVE!

“Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems; wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges; wish for more wisdom.” — Jim Rohn


This blog may be for you if YOU are:

    • interested in becoming more and doing more with the blessings you’ve been given (We live in extraordinary times and I have a feeling you are an extraordinarily person if you read information like this… Let’s roll!)
    • not satisfied with anything less than the best possible life (For yourself, your children, and your students)
    • frustrated with the speed of change occurring in your life (And you want to DO something about it)

  • enjoy motivational and inspirational quotes (I’m a quote junkie and I hope you are too)
  • one who needs a group of caring, intelligent people to interact with (It’s refreshing to hang out with an uplifting, positive peer group)
  • confused about technology & how to be an effective parent or teacher with the constant stream of new “things” (In fact, you don’t just want to be effective, you want to be AWESOME with technology regardless of your current skill level)
  • not afraid to be challenged (Growth occurs when we are pressed beyond our current limits physically, mentally, and emotionally. Let’s push each other to new and higher levels in life)
  • willing to get out of your comfort zone (Your life is worth it and kids are worth it!)


Things we’ll discuss:

  • Tools,  techniques and philosophies that will give you the ability to confidently address any challenge that come up (“Mindset”)
  • Leading ourselves and others in this modern and often confusing world (“Leadership”)
  • Generating a kick-butt physical approach to life (“Health”)
  • Things thriving people, families, schools, and communities believe (“Values”)
  • Interesting workplace and family dynamics topics (“Career-Management”)
  • Modern software, tools, and services to help you thrive (“Technology”)
  • others… (Who the heck knows what we’ll talk about!?)

Who am I?

I’m probably a lot like you:

  • Parent (who wants the best for my children)
  • Spouse (who wants the best for the love of my life)
  • Teacher (who wants the best for my students, young and old)
  • Student (who wants to keep learning and growing)

More details about can be found on the About page.

 Who I am NOT:

  • A know-it-all

What’s next?

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Please leave a comment below and I will write you back.

If I’m honest with myself (and now you too),  I’m not sure exactly where this blogging journey will take us. However, my intention is to post helpful and interesting content 1-2 times per week. We will talk about confidently navigating the digital waters and some of the modern challenges in our teaching & parenting worlds. We’ll talk about what it means to be a good parent or educator in today’s world. We’ll talk about tons of interesting stuff.

Thank you for your time and I hope this is the beginning of a long, enriching, and mutually beneficial relationship.



3 Replies to “Welcome, parents and teachers, could this be the beginning …?”

  1. Hey Joe,
    The world needs more leaders like yourself that want to inspire others to do more and be more. Looking forward to your expertise and wisdom.

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