Puffin Success

My wife and I were introduced to the magnificent puffin bird while honeymooning on Skellig Michael in Ireland. (This is the location of the final scene of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. By the way, you must add this island to your travels. If you don’t believe me ask Luke Skywalker.)

Puffins are, well, ‘awkward’ to say the least. They are not graceful. Heck, I am amazed they fly at all.

But they do succeed. As a matter of fact, they THRIVE in some of the world’s harshest weather conditions.

What is their secret formula for success?

They jump. 
They are clear that they want to go and then they GO.
Well, that’s not their entire story of success because after they jump off the edge of a monstrous cliff, they immediately start flapping.
Flapping HARD.
And their flapping effort does NOT help.
They fall like a stone. (I gasped when I saw the first jump from the cliff because it was so clumsy & I thought I was witnessing a ‘puffincide’.)
And they keep falling.

And flapping like hell.

And falling some more.

And trusting.

And flapping.
Trusting that their efforts will mix with the forces of gravity and wind and that their efforts will work – all in spite of visual evidence to the contrary.
And, because they keep flapping and trusting it eventually works!
In the blink of an eye, they are magically transformed from an awkward creature doomed to fail into a majestic, soaring, glorious image of success!
What can you learn from the puffin?
1. Identify an important area in your life (fitness, money, career, romantic relationship, spiritual, etc.) : _____________

2. What EXACTLY do you want in this area of your life? _____________
(Do you want to jump?)

3. What is the next actionable behavior you will take to move you toward #2 : _____________
(Are you flapping like hell?)

4. How long will you act until you succeed? : _____________
(read: flap like hell from #3)

Go be the best version of yourself by taking action before you are ready and focusing on your progress, not perfection!

Are we clear?

Everyone goes through periods in their life when things are a struggle and life just isn’t ‘clear’.
Stop trying to THINK your way to clarity.

If you are struggling or want to improve any part of your life, you must be crystal clear on what you want.

1. Name it

What exactly do you want? (The more detail the better.)

Bonus – get specific on what you do NOT want. (Again, the more detailed the better.)
2. ACT on it. Clarity comes from action, not thought.

You can sit around and think forever and it won’t change a thing except waste your precious life.
Are we clear?

Are we crystal clear that Clarity comes from action, not thought?

I could not resist including an image of Jack’s famous line about being clear.

Go be the best version of yourself by taking action before you are ready and focusing on your progress, not perfection!

Power Tip: Start BEFORE You Are Ready

Why aren’t we living as fully as we can?

What is holding us back?

One “power tip” I’ve recently adopted in my life is the idea of starting BEFORE I am ready. (read: take action regardless of how I ‘feel’).

I’ll always be able to justify delaying for (seemingly) legitimate reasons but, in the final analysis, it’s better to take imperfect action than delayed someday-it-will-be-good-enough action.

(Like this blog post, which I’ve been putting this off for too darn long.)





Think progress, not perfection.

Take Izzy’s Advice – Don’t be a Grump

First, thank you for your truly amazing support over the last few months. Your love and condolences are very appreciated.

Izzy’s Advice: “Don’t be a grump. Nobody wants to be around a grump.


Thanks, Mom. For everything.