“I just want my kids to be happy” is the WRONG answer

What do you want you for your children?

Are you clear about your goals as a parent?

When I ask people about their professional goals, they can tell me immediately; short terms goals, long term goals, where they are strong and where they need work.  In other words, they have a great amount of clarity in their professional lives.

But when the same question is asked about their parenting goals there are typically two responses; The first is ‘nothing’ (read: a blank stare, clarifying questions, etc.) and the second is usually admirable but, frankly,  so vague it is worthless.

“I just want my kids to be happy” is the wrong answer!

Can you imagine if the CEO of a Fortune 500 company was asked what they want to achieve and responded with, “I just want the people in my company to be happy”?

Do you have clear work parenting goals?

Do you have a company parenting vision or mission statement?

Do you have a weekly company family meeting?

If you answered ‘no’, don’t feel badly – most parents do not have goals, a family mission or vision, etc.

Responsibility-Diagramimage from http://specialopsmoms.blogspot.com/

Over the next few weeks, I’ll present a few common situations (such as working with teachers and coaches when times are tough) that discuss and challenge how most parents deal with them and connect parental actions with developing truly healthy, independent children.

So, tell me, are you crystal  clear on your goals as a parent?

What three attributes do you want your children to have when they become adults?

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