How Might a Wall Inspired By ‘Madness’​ Improve Your Team’s Culture?

No one expected the Loyola of Chicago Ramblers to go very far in the 2018 tournament. The Ramblers were ranked 11th in the South division when they upset the University of Miami, then Tennessee, and when they defeated a strong Kansas State team by 14 points they found themselves in the semifinals–the Final Four–and the buzz of the nation.

The month of March usually gets people thinking of St. Patrick’s Day, time off for spring break, and warmer weather. But for millions of people around the country, they suffer a peculiar Madness…as in March Madness, the annual NCAA basketball tournament.

Different from most other collegiate basketball teams that have experienced competitive success at a high level, but primarily focus on the physical fundamentals of the game–shooting, passing, defense, etc.–the Ramblers have a “cultural” secret.

Loyola of Chicago’s “Wall of Culture” is an intentional and aspirational mural showing who the team is, what they value, and how they play. It is part commitment, part reminder, and a blueprint guiding the team’s selflessness. The Ramblers Wall of Culture is the essence of what makes their program special, and if you asked their coaches and players, a key reason for their success.

Last year, after discussing the Ramblers culture in a weekly supervisors meeting, IT Manager Dan Magyar took it upon himself to create a culture wall for our District’s IT team. He solicited input from the entire staff and created a motivational work of art.

The resulting 14’ x 9’ wall highlights our team’s values, our mission, and aspects of our culture that make our group unique. It’s a daily reminder of how we do things and that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves.

Dan Magyar, IT Manager, standing in front of the culture wall.

What words might be on your wall that accurately describes your culture? 

What intentional, creative, and fun ways do you celebrate and communicate your organization’s culture?

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