Do you make room for “real time” or are you like this dad?

Here is a 39 second example of an unhealthy parent-child relationship with technology:

As part of our family’s technology contract with each other, we do not allow tablets (or phones) at the dinner table because

we prefer to truly be present with each other!

How does this video make you feel?

Do you allow electronics at the dinner table?

How do children feel when treated like this?


Google Trends is worth checking out

Did you know that Google receives and processes over 4 million search queries per minute? That’s a huge amount of data, right? But did you also know that Google makes that data open for you to explore with Google Trends?

It is a fascinating research tool, a mind-boggling data source and a bottomless pit of possibilities. Google Trends is worth checking out.

Trends is an easy way to explore data with your youngsters.

Let me know what you think.