Quote and Question: The secret of joy in work

“The secret of joy in work is contained in one word – excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.” ~Pearl S. Buck

Life is Short - work somewhere awesome

What single action can you take today to increase your level of excellence?



[Video] How to know if you have a weak password and what to do about it

Why am I holding a dictionary and what the heck is the password “SWITCHAROO“?

I made this short video for you that teaches one simple way to know if you have a weak password and, more importantly, what to do about it. Allow me to introduce one of the oldest password tricks in the book, the “SWITCHAROO”:

Or should I say, the “SW1TCH3R00“?

What is your favorite password tip?



Quote and Question: A “problem” by another name is…

“When we see problems as opportunities for growth, we tap a source of knowledge within ourselves which carries us through.” ~Marsha Sinetar

Can you identify a ‘problem‘ you are currently dealing with and reframe it as a ‘growth opportunity‘?


What living in 2025 will look like

I recently read an article about a company’s predictions on what the “Internet of Things” will look like in our 2025 homes.


Click to enlarge (then click again if you have to)

What does this make you think about?

How does this make you feel?



Quote and Question: Attitude Determines Altitude (+ one of my heroes)

“Attitude determines altitude.” – Anonymous

Can you give an example of attitude impacting results (positive or negative)?

If you have never seen Nick Vujicic in action, check him out, he’s one of my heroes: