Joe’s Tech Tip: Don’t paint yourself into an email corner

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When this happens, women typically approach with tears in their eyes and men with their tail between their legs… all because of an entirely avoidable “email situation”.

Could you be the next victim and not even know a big ol’ problem is coming right at you? (17% of the folks who have signed up for my weekly email updates are potential victims of this avoidable problem.)

How horrible would it be if you could not access your email account?  Think about it – you would not be able to get to Facebook, bank accounts, airline tickets, concert tickets, credit cards, your favorite ‘deal’ site – say it ain’t so!

People feel the pain of accidentally losing access to their email because…

  •  they move
  • get married
  • switch from cable to dish (or visa versa)
  • they get a sweetheart deal to change to a new internet / cable provider
  • get fired
  • retire
  • and on and on…

So, what is the potential problem? 

Do NOT use your Internet service provider’s email address as your PRIMARY email address

I’m referring to the practice of companies you pay to access the Internet also “encouraging” you to use their email address. For example, where I live, companies like Comcast ( or Qwest ( provide email as part of their service. In other parts of the country you may see Cox, Verizon, or SBC Global or… the list goes on and on.

Many people mistakenly believe they must use the company’s email but this is NOT true.

If you want to use your service providers email address as a secondary address for newsletters, advertisements, etc., that is fine. Please don’t use it as your primary email address.

If I’ve convinced you – take action

When? Now

How? Create a Gmail account (it takes less than 3 minutes and can save you countless hours of grief down the road)

Why Gmail? I’ll cover all of the robust Google-powered features for parents and teachers in a future post but, for now, just trust me. Yes, there are other services out there (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) but Google email is the cream of the crop and the price is right (free).

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you think I’m wrong.

Here’s to years of uninterrupted email service starting with moving away from your internet service provided email address and to something that will stay with you, like Gmail.