Quote and Question: Which will you choose?

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”  ~ Victor Frankl

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Which will you choose?


What a “Butterfly Child” can teach all of us

I feel moved, inspired, humbled, grateful, ashamed, and blessed and countless other feelings after watching this video.
Warning: Many of the scenes are  intense. You may want to preview it before showing it to your children.

How do you feel after watching?

“Jonathan has helped eliminate any excuse you or I have or ever will come up with. An amazing soul no doubt, and he have done us a great favor by sharing his story and example with us.

One of the examples we can take away from Jonathan when we think things are getting a little tough is Jonathan’s “trick” to push himself through and past his pain threshold.

He called it going into The Void.

When Jonathan starts hitting his pain threshold, he steps into that dark room where there is a little candle flickering. He pours all his pain into that candle flame. That flame is his will and determination.

The more he feeds it the more powerful the flame of his will and determination get. Then eventually, he gets past the pain point, the pain dissipates and he can step out of The Void and back into reality.

You can use this “trick” anytime you hit your figurative wall too!”

Read more of Darren’s post here and listen to his interview with Jonathan.


Direction is More Important than Speed

Perhaps it’s because we live in an instant gratification world.
Perhaps it’s because we’re humans and we just want what we want and we want it now!
Regardless, the philosophy of “direction being more important than speed” is showing up frequently in topics such as:

  • Health (eating healthy, losing weight / getting stronger /running faster)
  • Money (saving for retirement, getting out of debt, buying a new house)
  • Relationships (Getting a date, surrounding yourself with good people, finding a life partner)
  • Habits (tobacco, flossing, positive attitude)

Tip: First, get crystal clear on your desired result.

Bonus Tip:
Enjoy the process! Because life is too short to delay happiness until you ‘arrive’.



Are your routine actions aligned with your desired outcomes?