Quote and Question: What “story” are you telling yourself?

twenty-years-from-now-you-will-be-more-disappointed-by-the-things-you-didnt-do-than-by-the-ones-you-did-do-so-throw-off-the-bowlines-sail-away-from-the-save-harbour-catch-the-trade-wWhat action might you regret NOT taking in 2015 and what “story” are you telling yourself that is holding you back?

Not enough time? No money? I’m afraid of _____. What if ____?


What’s your story?

Typewriter What is Your Story

What are your “cardinal rules”?

I recently came across John Tesh‘s 5 Cardinal Rules for life.

5 Cardninal Rules of Life by John Tesh

What are your cardinal rules?

(I don’t have mine yet, well, maybe my 46 at 46 post counts.)

Quote & Question: Emotions are the currency of humanity

“Emotions are the currency of humanity.” ~Dr. Sean Stephenson

Joe With Dr Sean Stephenson 2014With one of my heroes, Dr. Sean Stephenson

 What is your top technique to control (‘direct’) your emotions?

Please share in the comments below.


46 @ 46 (Things I have learned on my journey so far…)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the lessons that life has taught me because I recently celebrated my 46th birthday.  I’m not the same person I was twenty years ago.

I thought I knew everything as a teen. I was too confident for my own good in my 20s. I thought I was doing fine but the truth was that I struggled through my 30’s and early 40’s; I struggled to connect to who I was as an individual. My life was not aligned with my values nor my purpose. (Purpose? I didn’t even consciously define my purpose.) At the time, I didn’t have use mentors, role models, or coaches to give me the type of direction I craved needed.

My life was not aligned with my values nor my purpose.

It’s taken a long time and lots of personal work, but I finally feel as though I’ve racked up enough years, experiences, and reflective time to share a little bit of the things I’ve learned.

Here it is… 46 things I wish I would have known and practiced decades earlier. Please consider putting some of them to good use in your own life.

  • You don’t ‘find’ your life’s purpose; you must ‘define’ your life’s purpose.
  • Attitude is everything and YOU control it regardless of your circumstance.
  • You are what comes out of our mouth.

But wait, there’s more – keep reading!