Quote and Question: What “story” are you telling yourself?

twenty-years-from-now-you-will-be-more-disappointed-by-the-things-you-didnt-do-than-by-the-ones-you-did-do-so-throw-off-the-bowlines-sail-away-from-the-save-harbour-catch-the-trade-wWhat action might you regret NOT taking in 2015 and what “story” are you telling yourself that is holding you back?

Not enough time? No money? I’m afraid of _____. What if ____?


What’s your story?

Typewriter What is Your Story

What are your “cardinal rules”?

I recently came across John Tesh‘s 5 Cardinal Rules for life.

5 Cardninal Rules of Life by John Tesh

What are your cardinal rules?

(I don’t have mine yet, well, maybe my 46 at 46 post counts.)

4 reasons to LOVE Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving – Love it, love it! Why? 4 simple reasons:


  1. It’s a fact (26 scientific studies and counting)
  2. It’s about appreciation
  3. It’s about others
  4. It feels good (really good)

McBreen Family Fall 2014

“Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” –Native American saying

Answer the following questions and see how good thankfulness feels:

  • Who are three amazing people in my life? (Tip – call them and tell them right now)
  • What are three great things about where I live?
  • What are three great things about where I work or what I do for a living?

I’m thankful to have an opportunity to connect with awesome people like you.

Happy Thanksgiving!